Some Big Keys for Your Business to Grow in the Covid-19 Era – ademi Covid-19 has now affected the world of business in the world and even in our country too, Many entrepreneurs are forced to close their businesses as a devastating impact on the pandemic, as happened to the hospitality business. But a marketing expert from a talk said that this was not entirely due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Because many entrepreneurs who do not prepare for kedapannya about the occurrence of something that is not just a pandemic, maybe another event. Therefore, entrepreneurs do not close their businesses so they must prepare in advance if one day there is an event that occurs like this co-19 pademic. But now slowly many businesses have begun to adapt and prepare businesses to survive in this crisis.

Some Big Keys for Your Business to Grow in the Covid-19 Era

According to a marketing expert there are 4 keys that must be paid attention to entrepreneurs so it does not happen like now that there is no preparation which inevitably have to close the business. The 4 keys that must be done are creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership or abbreviated as CIEL. like now we do not depend on offline businesses but also online must also be turned on. Because if there is a case like this then your business will not mess up.

Online gambling business

Examples such as online gambling business where they used to have an offline business and now they already have an online business where they will not be afraid if their online business does not work. Then the online business will run, but if you open an online gambling business you also need to have lots of games not to have just one game like sportsbook betting. Which with the existence of this pandemic the betting gambling is dead because all matches are terminated such as football, basketball, tennis, horse racing and others. Try to develop your gambling business such as online poker games, live casino, sic bo online and others, so that people can play other gambling not just for sportsbook betting only.

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