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The best way to Finance your Small Business

Small Biz expansion Best method to finance your Small Biz expansion Small business expert and angel investor Barbara Corcoran provides actionable advice on how entrepreneurs can avoid cash flow problems A Video featuring the way to finance your small business


How Design can help Business

The importance of design in Business A Video featuring the Martin Prosperity Institute Director: Roger Martin, Who discusses how design can help Business.

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social media

The importance of Social Marketing for your new Business

Setting up a new business and marketing it through  the right channels is a must for any start-up regardless of its size, but these days using social media platforms to promote it has become increasingly important. Here we take a look at some of the reasons why.   With the introduction and increase in access […]

mobile marketing

The importance of Mobile Marketing to your Business [ infographic ]

The rise in Mobile Internet More and more of today’s consumers are using smartphones and other devices to access the internet while on the move as opposed to traditional desktop or laptop computers. The importance of having a Mobile Marketing Strategy Therefore Marketing your products and services to this new and fast growing demographic is […]

content marketing

Is Content Marketing changing SEO?

Is Content Marketing already the most important aspect of SEO SEO or search engine optimisation is all about link building and on-page keyword optimization. With search engines like Google reducing their organic ads space and relying more and more on socials signals to determine the value of content, is traditional search engine optimization as we […]


How to market your Business on LinkedIn

When considering the business marketing avenue using social media, the first choice that usually comes to any mind is Facebook. However, you may be overlooking certain social networks that may bring your business the visibility and popularity it has been looking for. LinkedIn as a networking tool LinkedIn provides you with multiple tools that can […]

website scanning

An introduction to Google’s Safe Browsing Service

In recent weeks some well know websites have been Blacklisted by Google for containing malware, These included websites such as The Washington Post, The Guardian, as well as  YouTube which is owned by Google itself. Googles Safe Browsing Service This is because google has a Safe Browsing Service designed to protect their users from what they term as harmful websites. […]

website content management

6 Essential features for a successful Business website

If you have an existing website or need to create a new website then we have created a list of essential features we believe a website should have. You will need a website that has the following features: 1: Its manageable: Enabling you to manage your own content, Being able to manage your website content means […]


Website Owners: 10 important things you need to know about website Malware

If you have a Business website then you  really need to be aware of the threat malware poses to your Online Business. 1: Website malware  is a new phenomenon affecting thousands of website owners every day; hackers release harmful software that trawls the internet and infects websites automatically via vulnerabilities in website software. 2: Google Safe […]


5 Tips on how to secure your Mobile Workforce [ Video ]

A Video with some great tips from the CIO of Avnet about how to secure your mobile workforce. With mobile internet becoming a standard feature of the modern workforce its essential to protect your workers and ensure a productive environment.


Top 4 Strategies to enhance your Business with a LinkedIn profile

Smart marketers are taking advantage of the social media sites to attract and retain huge customer-base. However, some companies do not yet know how to leverage social media sites such as LinkedIn to grow their online business. LinkedIn is one of the social media networking sites that can help you gain high exposure and build your business […]

Business Training


The importance of conducting Ongoing Training in your Business

Many business owners and managers see staff training as an unnecessary cost in the running of their business. When planning their business budget for the year it is the first cost that is cut. In reality they should be investing in staff training as the benefits for the business will far out way the initial costs involved. The advantages of […]


Factors to consider in Pricing Strategies for your businesses

Trying to decide on the “correct” price for your business’ products and services is a challenging endeavour. It is possible to ask three different kinds of questions: 1. How much will customers be willing to pay? (Customer-based pricing) 2. How much do we need to sell to make a certain amount of profit? (Cost-based pricing) 3. How much […]

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